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About us

The official supplier to militaries all across the world!

Windlass Sword is a subsidiary of the Windlass group of companies. The flagship firm of the group –Windlass Steelcrafts was set up in 1943 in the erstwhile British India by an enterprising young Indian – Late Mr. Ved Prakash Windlass to supply “khukris” to the Gurkha regiment of the British armed forces. After almost 70 years Windlass is known the world over as the largest manufacturer of swords, shields, and armor in the world.

High-quality items manufactured at Windlass are used by many militaries all across the world as actual combat weapons, dress, and drill sabers and presentation swords among other things. Adhering to its principles of using highest quality materials and stringent manufacturing practices Windlass has also been supplying to various movie production houses as actual motion picture props and also as licensed articles endorsed by the movie production houses themselves.

Over the course of time, the Windlass group has expanded all across the world and now finds its interests not just in Sword manufacturing but also in – oilfield Equipment manufacturing, historically accurate period clothing and accessories, real estate among other things.

Windlass Sword is an offering by Windlass Group to the sword lovers, military personnel and others in the United Kingdom who wish to own a piece of the marvelous collection by Windlass.

Meet the Team

Pradeep Windlass



Pradeep Windlass has more than 35 years of experience in the sword industry and has played a key role in making Windlass Steelcrafts truly an international company. As a result of his hard work Windlass Starcrafts, today has offices, warehouses, and manufacturing units in The United States, Germany, and Spain besides India. Pradeep has also been instrumental in company's foray into licensed Hollywood merchandise and as a prop supplier to some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters of our time. Currently, Pradeep resides in Conyers, Georgia USA and takes care of the company's US retail and distribution business through the wholly-owned subsidiaries Atlanta Cutlery Corporation and Museum Replicas Limited.


General Manager

Malcolm Ordever has more than 40 years of experience in the sword industry and is one of the most authoritative figures in the field of British Military Swords. Malcolm has earlier been the General manager of the Wilkinson Sword and Imperial Sword Company and is currently at the helm of affairs at Windlass Sword UK.


Sales Manager

Richard Giddings has been involved in the manufacture of swords for some 20 years and worked at Wilkinson Sword for 11 years as Corporate Sales Manager. Formerly a time served printer employed most forms of printing to run his promotional and corporate gift business, with badges and military regalia developing after a short time and hence the Wilkinson Sword connection was initiated. Wilkinson’s absorbed the company after a few years. The Wilkinson sword years, meeting Wilkinson Sword Staff and so many interesting people was a rewarding journey.