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Sword Refurbishment

We know a sword is more than just an item to possess. It stands for values like valor, loyalty, bravery and courage, values which are not attained by birth alone but are passed over centuries from one generation to another.

Windlass Sword allows you to preserve your swords and scabbard and returning them to their full former glory by undertaking repair and refurbishment of old swords that may hold great importance for you. No doubt maintaining your sword and treating it like a companion elongates its life yet with the passage of time it is bound to lose its shine and that sparkling finish. Other problems like the loose handle, worn out the blade, rusting of parts is also common.

Receiving swords for refurbishment more than a 100 years old that have been passed over generations is not uncommon at Windlass Sword.

Some of the most commonly requested services as requested by our customers are:

  1. Repair and re-etching of blades.
  2. Polishing the sword including/not including the hilt.
  3. Replacement of broken parts.
  4. Repair of scabbards.
  5. Polishing out the rust marks.

Refurbishment process:

Step 1

Since the work varies for every single order we need to examine the sword before we can give a quote. The first step is to take good quality and clear images of the sword and email the images along with the work desired to be done on the sword during refurbishment.

Once we get your mail, our technical and costing teams work together to create a tentative quote as per your requirements which is mailed to you along with the time frame required for finishing the job.

Step 2


If you are comfortable with the quote and the time frame you can get in contact with our sales team and ship your package securely packed to eliminate any chances of the sword being damaged in the transit.

Once we receive the sword, we re-examine the sword and a full and final quote along with the time required is sent to you.

Step 3

Based on your affirmation we will require a full payment before our technical team begins working in restoring the glory of your sword.

In case you do not wish to have the sword refurbished and ask for the sword to be return shipped there will be a fee for shipping and handling – for which we will require full payment before the sword is dispatched to you.