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General Officers' Sword with Scabbard


The General Officer's Sword has a finely etched and distinctively curved single-edged blade which is double-edged for the last 12 inches of its length. This is a Mameluke sword with a crossed hilt made of ivory, featuring gold plated ornamental mounts. The brass guard of the sword is also gilded.

The steel scabbard is nickel-plated with two loose rings on cruciform bands and a square shoe. The scabbard is thoroughly designed with a plated chape.

These swords were mostly carried as dress or levée swords by officers of most light cavalry and hussar, and some heavy cavalry regiments in the British Army at various points during the 19th century.


    • Blade length: 800 mm
    • Blade width at hilt: 25 mm


General Officers' Sword : 8465-99-136-7276