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Knights of Windsor Sword with Scabbard


The Military Knights are very well known to wear their own unique specific pattern of sword for all occasions. The design or pattern on the hilt is that of a cruciform. This design is embellished as one piece with the cross guard and its trefoil finials, thus making the Sword truly one-of-a-kind. The entire hand grip is slab sided and the full hilt is drilled and threaded hence allowing the blade to be screwed into it.

This fabulous piece of work is carried by means of a cross belt in a black leather scabbard with mouthpiece and chape. Furthermore, the mouthpiece is attached to the cross belt using a stud. All these characteristics definitely make the Knights of Windsor Sword a must-buy.


    • Blade length: 725 mm
    • Blade width at hilt: 25 mm