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RAF Belt and Slings


Royal Air Force Officers' belts and slings are an exceptional product of Windlass Swords. They are made of high quality leather with transcending blue and gold braiding. The belt features a gold plated brass buckle and clips.

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Royal Air Force Sword with Scabbard


The Royal Air force sword was adopted by the Air Ministry in 1925. Since then it's been carried by RAF Commissioned officers.

This single edged straight blade sword has a gold plated brass hilt and a white fish-skin grip. The brass pommel on the sword is in the form of an eagle which is elegant to look up upon and is the same bird on the emblem of the RAF. The same emblem can be seen on the gold-plated brass cartouche this sword also hosts.

The scabbard which is made up of rawhide with gold plated brass mounts gets more engraved and ornate with every Air rank and above.


  • Blade length: 825 mm
  • Blade width at hilt: 21 mm


Scabbard Below Air Rank : 8465-99-780-6140

Scabbard Air Rank : 8465-99-446-6662