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Royal Navy Master at Arms' Sword and Scabbard


 It was during the late 1820s that the new pattern of the Royal Navy Master at Arms' Sword was introduced and it is extremely similar to the pattern and design followed till date. The Sword became more popular in 1832 when a Regulation mandated that Warrant Officers such as Gunners, Boatswains and Carpenters also should have black grips and a stepped pommel. This ruling was in effect until the early 1900s when it was directed that Warrant Officers also should wear the sword with white grips and the lion head back piece similar to the ranks of the Commissioned Officers.

A lesser known fact is that the same sword with black grip and rounded pommel must be worn only by the Master' at-Arms rank and is a regulation that stands true even till today. 


    • Blade length: 790 mm
    • Blade width at hilt: 21 mm


Royal Navy Master at Arms' Sword : 8465-99-869-5952