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Scots Guards' Pipers' Dirk


Following their rich history and tradition, the Scots Guards Pipers wear an incredibly unique dirk. It is said that the design and pattern of this Dirk originated from somewhere between the Piper's Dirk worn by the Pipers of The Royal Regiment of Scotland and the more sophisticated dirks adorned by their Officers. However, its must be noted that this pattern is not regulated but worn by customary tradition.

The grip which has been carefully hand carved in ebony in the traditional 'Thistle' shape and hatched and embellished with nickel silver studs adds more glory and stateliness to the Dirk. The Dirk is also characterized by a forward leaning pommel on to which the majestic regimental badge is affixed.

A stunning feature of the Scots Guards' Pipers' Dirk is that it's blade is made of polished steel and the scabbard which is beautifully covered in patent leather has plain nickel silver top and knife and fork mounts. The knife and fork are clung on to the scabbard using a nickel silver chain and have their grips engraved and hatched and dazzled with nickel silver studs and the pommel is adorned with a miniature, but ever-glorious, regimental badge; all of which add a surreal majestic beauty to the Dirk.


    • Blade length: 305 mm
    • Blade width at hilt: 30 mm


Scots Guards' Pipers' Dirk : 8465-99973-6901