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A History of the Medieval Sword in the Middle Ages

The word ‘Sword’ came from the Old English word ‘Sweord’, originated from a Proto-Indo-European root *swer- "to wound, to cut". A sword is a bladed weapon, consisting in its most fundamental design of a blade and a handle. The blade is usually made from iron or steel, ground to at least one sharp edge and often with a pointed tip for thrusting. Medieval was the duration of European history from the fifth to the 15th century. Throughout this era, the destruction of countless empires happened. The most common and well known weapons amongst the warriors of the Middle Ages were swords. There were also daggers and knives which were similar to swords, but used only for stabbing and thrusting. medieval_sword The weapons used during the Middle Ages included the Medieval Swords. The Medieval Sword was predominantly used by a Medieval Knight. The weapons, armour and horse of the Knight were extremely expensive - the fighting power of just one knight was worth 10 ordinary soldiers. Medieval Swords were the primary weapons of the Knights. Medieval swords changed as Medieval Warfare and armour changed. The handle of the Medieval Swords is sometimes of a highly enriched character. Skill in the use of medieval weapons and understanding the strategy of Medieval Warfare was necessary and played a vital part in medieval life. The training required by a Knight to use Medieval Swords was extremely time consuming - it was necessary for them to become expert Medieval Swordsmen. Special places were assigned to the Medieval Swords training called the Pell. The Medieval swords remain to this day as the symbols of honour, courage, faith, and religion, which were the pillars of Knighthood itself. Windlass Sword is pleased to present its Medieval Sword and Historical Replica Collection. Here you will find a variety of medieval swords and replicas of some of history's most famous blades.