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Khukri The Pride of Legendary Gurkhas
Do you know that the spelling of the Kukri has been in hassle for some time? For many years it has been registered as khookree, khukri, khukuri, kukery, kukoori and kukri which are mostly from British historian source. But today’s used spelling is kukri or Khukri. Kukri is also the symbol of national weapon and icon of Nepal. Gurkha Kukris have been the representative of the British Army's Brigade of Gurkha since it has started. Regimental marks of nearly all Gurkha regiments, past and present, have incorporated kukris into their design, which is witnessed from the pre-1947 to present. Each Gurkha considers kukri as a part of his equipment and even though there is little need for a close combat weapon like the kukri in modern warfare, but it had a long history of being put to terrifyingly use by Gurkha in the past. The Gurkha kukri came to the limelight when the East India Company had war with the Gurkha kingdom. After that Its continued usage right through World War I and World War II, which increased its reputation both among all allied troops and enemy force. Some interesting quote by famous personalities about Gurkhas: Former chief of staff of the Indian Army field Marshal Sam Maneskshaw once famously said about Gurkhas :(If a man is not afraid of dying than he is either lying or he is Gurkha If I had Gurkhas, no armies in the world will defeat me. “-Adolf Hitler In the world there is only one place is secured that's when you are between the Gurkhas." - Prince Charles. Impact of Gurkha kukri: The kukri is not just a knife or weapon, but also has religious values it carries and faiths. The shape of the kukri blade carries the trinity symbols of lord “Bramha” ,”Vishnu” and “Shiva” which are the three most famous and influential gods in Hinduism. It is believed that a kukri when kept at home would give fortune; happiness and a kill evil spirit which continues to exist till today that has been passed from generation to generation. The kukri is believed to have spiritual power to scare off demons, evils and nightmares. gurkha_khukri It is a powerful bond of the special relationship between Nepal and the UK. Gerald Davies explained: "It has stood the test of time for nearly 200 years - representing Gurkhas serving the crown. Wherever that soldier has been, in any part of the world, the kukri has been used. Our enemies know when they are up against a Gurkha because it is the Kukri that has been imprinted on their minds”. About US: Windlass Steelcrafts, the official Government Contractor for the kukri since 1943 which produces genuine, original, official military issue to Gurkha Regiments. The khukris manufactured by windlass are hand forged from high-carbon steel and comes with a regulation sheath. A must for outdoor activities that requires cutting and chopping.
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