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Grand Opening of the Newly Refurbished Britannia Museum 1st May 2014

Having been made possible by the generosity of Windlass Sword Company, the grand opening of the newly refurbished Britannia Museum took place, following The Lord High Admirals Passing Out Parade on 1st May 2014. Originally opened in 1999 by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, the museum is housed in one of the former Cadet Gunrooms in Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth where it explores the history of Officer Training there. The newly refurbished museum was opened by Mr Robin Barlow, Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Devon and Her Majesty's representative, in the presence of Mr Pradeep Windlass, Chairman - Windlass Sword Company and several dignitaries from Britannia Royal Naval College, including Captain Henry Duffy RN and Commander Jason Phillips RNA OBE. As their official supplier of Royal Navy Officers Swords, Windlass Sword Company made a substantial and generous contribution to the college, which enabled them to fully refurbish the museum..

LHA_0210_largeMr Robin Barlow DL with Pradeep Windlass performing the opening of the museum by cutting the ribbon across it's entrance. LHA_0224_large
Dr Jane Harrold, Archivist and Deputy Curator, describing one of the museum display items to (from right to left)
Mr Robin Barlow DL, Dr Richard Porter, Curator,
Malcolm Ordever, General Manager Windlass UK,
Mrs Angela White, Museum Designer and Pradeep Windlass.

Dr Richard Porter and Dr Jane Harrold presenting copies of their books to Pradeep Windlass

History of British Military Bugler’s Sword
The Roman pattern Buglers Sword is inherited and which is a version of Drummer’s sword, being made in 1895 and was first approved in 1856. These british military swords are manufactured from the polished steel but it was later declared as outdated in the year 1903. From the 1901 research on swords the fact was made out that all the swords, is it buglers or drummers sword, every sword needs to be sharpened before going on to the service. You can buy swords online from Windlass Sword, who is a great manufacturer of such swords since 1943.
By the end of the 19th century, bugler sword came into existence. The “Paulet Group” of the 68th light infantry, painted it in 1840 which shows that this pattern is being carried out by the buglers. These swords are rare and can be considered as purely perfect ceremonial swords because they are not intended to act as a combat weapon. Since such swords are unique so it is good to have them as a collectible in our inventory and of course they were favorite from the British past time.
Different infantry regiments use special versions like the line infantry regiments uses brass-hilted version whereas rifle regiments uses the iron hilted version. The bugler sword scabbard can either be made of leather or it can be made of steel or brass, so that sword can be carried out easily.
The sword of 1856 or you can say Bugler/Drummer sword had 19 inches blade and the ecusson was decorated with the royal symbols. These swords are very heavy and they continued till1904 when drummer’s sword was reserved. Many previous members of the forming regiments of The Rifles, their associations and individuals have requested to sponsor a Bugler’s Sword.
The Cutlers Sword associations/society organizes events to identify the young regular drummer and this event happens every year. Whosoever is the winner receives the prize either a drummer’s swords (gilt fittings) or bugler sword (nickel fittings). The sword has beautiful engravings of the winner’s name and date on it.
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The Art Of Sword Manufacturing
Henry Wilkinson

Henry Wilkinson was bestowed with the gift of sound education. At thirty years of age he joined the business of his father, James Wilkinson. It can be seen on Circa 1840- the double barrelled percussion belt pistol, that the company moniker was now know as ‘Wilkinson & Son’.

Henry was well aware of the world of arms technology and innovation. Working closely with many contemporaries of note both in the world of sporting and military arms, he soon expressed a passion and skill reminiscent of Henry Nock. Two of his early successes were the very early breach-loading carbine of 1832, ‘The Clanricarde’ and ‘Vivian’ carbine, a double barrelled weapon for the Irish Constabulary. Henry Wilkinson equated his peers in gun making. His exceptional knowledge of arms and his inventive genius were attributes he would dedicate to the pursuit of sword making which eventually lead the business to an unrivalled reputation in this art and ultimately the company changed its name to ‘Wilkinson Sword’, thus including the weapon sword in its name.

In 1819 Henry married Margaret Elizabeth Champion and along with his father and mother lived at Ludgate Hill, London. But by 1827 he moved with his family to Brompton Square in West London and shifted the business headquarters to 27 Pall Mall, just next door to the offices of The Board of Ordnance. This is a pure example of his sharp business acumen.In 1841 at just 40 years of age Henry’s wife Margaret died. In 1844 the company was joined by John Latham, who as an accomplished swordsman brought practical perspective to the sword making business. Wilkinson & Son continued to grow and expand under the leadership of Henry and the capable assistance of John Latham.

After Henry Wilkinson’s death in 1861, John Latham had continued to run the company with great success.Thus history is a witness to the fact that the dexterity and ability of Henry Wilkinson was the equal of both his father and grandfather.

Henry Nock - The Wilkinson Sword Founder

Early Days and the Inception of Wilkinson Sword

Henry Nock was born in 1741in Staffordshire, in the vicinity of Birmingham. He learnt his trade as a gun locksmith in Birmingham, one of the largest industrial cities of England. At the age of 27 he made his way south to London.

In 1768, he set up his workshop on Elm Street in the Parish of St. Andrew, Holborn. His initial enterprises revolved around his trade of gun locksmith. It is recorded in the Board of Ordinance for November 16, 1770 that he submitted for approval a Tower Musket Lock. By 1772 Nock had taken on additional premises in Mount Pleasant. This exactly is the epoch of the creation of Wilkinson Sword

Apart from being a fine craftsman, Nock was a consummate pioneer in the realm of firearms. He has to his credit many innovations and inventions. One such patented invention was a removable octagonal barrel that could be easily maintained. This development came to be known as ‘Knox Form’. It is described in the patent application that the Barrel could be taken from the lock, which would render the Barrel exceedingly easy to be cleaned, and there would be no obstruction of the Breech Pin as in case of the other guns. Another exquisite example of his work was seven barrelled gun.

The Circa 1780- seven barrelled volley gun was a part of an order of 500 such weapons made and supplied by Nock during 1780 to the British military for £13 each. He was an astute businessman. He could understand that diversification was paramount to a successful business. The man credited for manufacture of edged weapons is none other than Henry Nock. In the Board of Ordnance records for December 20, 1777 it is recorded that he was advanced £200 for providing bayonets.

Undoubtedly, Henry Nock was one of the finest and the most influential arm makers of his time who produced some of the finest and the most exquisite guns of that era including the flintlock duelling pistols. In November, 1804 Henry Nock died and with no apparent heirs his business and stock in trade was left to James Wilkinson who was the husband of Ann, his adopted daughter. James Wilkinson went on to continue the legacy of exceptional gun making.Truly, Henry Nock personifies the literal meaning of ‘nock’. Just like an arrow placed on the bowstring ready for shooting, his success journey also followed a swift smooth course, hitting right at the target.

Taking Care of your Swords and Scabbards

Premier Military Swords - Windlass Steelcrafts
image1 Windlass Steelcrafts is proud to be associated with military branches and schools from across the globe directly and through its marketing arms Atlanta Cutlery Corporation - Conyers Georgia USA, Windlass Sword Company - UK and many other sword companies. It has always been our prime objective to provide the best swords and sabers to the world's elite armed forces. With manufacturing facilities established in 1943 to provide the British military in India with edged weapons, we have never looked back in our quest for continued excellence. State of the art processes, the finest materials and skilled craftsmen with years of experience provide the ideal mix of skill and technologyto provide the finest quality swords, sabers and accessories. We can produce swords, sabers, leather belts, slings, knots, dress knots, frogs, linings, fringes, sword bags and dress helmet to your exact specifications. Our factory is inspected and fully government approved. We episode hack are proud to have executed the largest government contracts to date for knives, bayonets, swords and accessories in timely fashion at considerable savings to various governments. Put us to the test and you will learn what the world's elite already know - we are the best choice for your needs. Call us for quantity discounts on your next order. We guarantee that your military personnel, drill teams, cadets and graduates will be completely satisfied. Windlass - We give you the edge ! Contact Us: Tel: +91-135-2686470, 2686624 E-mail: sales@windlass.com
Forged in the Heat of Battle