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Claymore Sword: The two handed Scottish Weapon

The Claymore Sword is a Scottish variant of the two handed long sword which appeared in the late medieval period. The Claymore, or "Claidheamh-mor" (Great Sword) in Gaelic is a two handed broad sword utilised by the Scottish Highlander throughout several centuries. The Scottish Claymore swords had awesome blades; these blades were often very long and were double edged. The Claymore was an aggressive infantry weapon which delivered overpowering blows that would sweep aside any efforts to block or parry. For over two hundred years, the Claymore witnessed inter-clan rivalries and was used in wars against the English crown until the Battle of Killiecrankie in 1689. Sword The sword was of a very unique design, with a total length of 140 cm (55in) of which 33 cm (13 in) was the handle and 107 cm (42in) was a blade. It was classed as a medieval long sword in medieval times, and due to its length and weight of 2.5kg (5.5lb) two hands needed to be used to properly wield the sword. The most famous recorded person in Scottish History to use the Claymore sword was William Wallace, who used this sword in the First War of Scottish Independence. These weapons were the weapons most often brought into battle by the Scottish freedom fighters. Many soldiers of the time would also include the Scottish Dirk, as a complimentary weapon to the Claymore, on the battlefield. The Claymore is not the only weapon that has a dual sided blade; the Scottish Dirk can be equipped with one or the other. Based on the early 16th century Claymore, the windlass claymore sword is gracefully engineered as a tough, high-impact, yet impressively balanced weapon. The blade specifically designed to deliver devastating strikes, is elegant in its simplicity. The Claymore is a weapon evocative of the Scottish highlands, and the fierce clansmen who lived, fought and died there.